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      Motel Spatie

      Motel Spatie is an artist-in-residence and project space based in Presikhaaf shopping mall as part of and in collaboration with the Locatie Spatie collective: a local and international network of friends. 

      The aim of Motel Spatie is to shape the concept of ‘Engaged Autonomy’ by inviting artists, linking these to a particular physical and / or social context and supporting them in the development of new work. For this we provide a monthly fee, production- and travelcosts, housing and a studio. 

      Engaged Autonomy is a concept of self-awareness about the contemporary context. It describes a responsibility to stand for one’s own actions but to invite the context to affect them. The exchanges, which occur in the form of knowledge or content, serve as questions that disturb the prevailing consensus about either the creator, or the context.

      The spaces which Motel Spatie uses, do not have a direct financial value or make profit in the short term. They are never the property of Motel Spatie, and neither is rent ever paid for them. In the face of a post-capitalistic society we have no choice but to act. Motel Spatie uses a curatorial practice that doesn’t only pose questions or theorises, but acts. By acting, it encounters the boundaries of political and social issues and through that, these are made visible. It is a radical solution to bypass the muddle of regulations, laws and ownership. The basis of our self-organisation are long-term social networks founded on trust. Art becomes part of a continuing process of research into our shared experience and does not end after a project has finished.

      Claudia Schouten, Founder / curator, Motel Spatie, 2016



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