Elejan van der Velde


(1987, Garyp, Friesland).
BA fine Art 2012 (ArtEZ Arnhem)
MA Interior Architecture (Studio for immediate spaces) 2014 (Sandberg Institute Amsterdam)

My work is about space. Some works are based upon the personal memories about space. By rethinking, and putting the spaces in my memory down on paper by drawing or writing, or by retrieving certain aspects of materiality or experiences of these spaces, and to use these ways of remembering as a starting point to design. To re-materialize the memory. Some older works are more based upon the suggesting of a space behind something. To put a suggestive element on or in the wall, or using sounds and video behind a wall, creating an interest in the viewer for the space that is behind the physical space the viewer is present. This makes use of the associative memory of somebody else. The suggestion is just an idea to activate the viewer’s associations.


artist in residence

artist in residence

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