Janna Ullrich


Janna Ullrich graduated in 2012 from ArtEZ Arnhem as a Graphic Designer. She is currently finishing her Master studies at the Sandberg Institute. Her focus lies on the oppression of autonomous critical thinking through public education. How can the activity of (role-)play create a fictional space that enables us to understand and reflect on the social norms that we practice? How can this space generate new social frameworks?

During her studies at the Sandberg Institute she has developed a board game that aims to expose the absurd practices of today's immigration industry. With it comes a short animation movie, which will premiere at the Sandberg graduation show mid June. 

'No-man's land' embodies the bureaucratic prison in which refugees get stuck after they have fled their country but can't enter another. The game is set in the fictional hyper-surveillance state of Reguland, which runs an automated bureaucratic machinery for refugees. 

It is played with four to five persons, which will either take the role of:

Great Bouncer Scotty O'Brien, hunting, chasing, evicting, propagating, ruining and becoming Master of Austerity; Rose, a regulandic citizen, who collaborates with Team Squat, Dr. Co, the Legal Loophole Lawyers and Anonymouth to occupy Scotty's headquarters, distract security forces and pick up whistleblowers; or the refugees Jelle Minaki & Nola Vinesi, trying to master and survive the bureaucratic labyrinth without being deported to get to the last round of 'So You Think You Can Immigrate'.

You are very welcome to sign up to attend the first official game session of 'No-man's land' on:


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