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Elejan van der Velde

(1987, Garyp, Friesland).BA fine Art 2012 (ArtEZ Arnhem)MA Interior Architecture (Studio for immediate spaces) 2014 (Sandberg Institute Amsterdam) My work is about space. Some works are based upon the personal memories about space. By rethinking, and putting the spaces in my memory down on paper by drawing or writing, or by... read more

WN van Ravenhorst

My work consists of large, room-filling installations made of materials such as cable, wire, rope or seatbelt. I use this material to create three-dimensional line drawings in the space of a given location. Actively I search for new circumstances to generate new works, which are truly spatially there, cannot be ignored and... read more

Janna Ullrich

Janna Ullrich graduated in 2012 from ArtEZ Arnhem as a Graphic Designer. She is currently finishing her Master studies at the Sandberg Institute. Her focus lies on the oppression of autonomous critical thinking through public education. How can the activity of (role-)play create a fictional space that enables us to... read more

Joe Made This

Joe Made This is illustrator Johannes Stahl. A Nuremberg (GER) based freelance illustrator and graphic designer. He works in the sections of editorial and narrative Illustration especially for merchandise, posters and record covers. Johannes enjoys traditional drawing and analog illustration technics, most of his... read more

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Smoke signals - A last ephemeral action by Crát...

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