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Isaac Howell

Isaac Howell is a painting and comparative literature student at Washington University in St. Louis (U.S.A.) In the summer of 2014 he traveled to the Netherlands for a short residency at Motel Spatie in which he both assisted Dutch Artist Rob Voerman and had extensive talks with other Arnhem based artists. Earlier in the... read more

Varvara Degtiarenko

Varvara Degtiarenko (1988) was born in Moscow and grew up in the USA, where she studied Art History at Virginia Commonwealth University and has worked for various museums and other cultural institutions, moving back to Moscow in 2011 to pursue art conservation. Interested instead in the social context of conservation, in... read more

Alex Godwin

Alex Godwin was born in Australia and spend her childhood all over the world (India, South Africa, Australia, England to name a few). But, she herself will always consider England her home. She studied graphic design in Nottingham where she discovered that you didn’t have to draw and paint in the traditional way. So she... read more


Biop graduated from St. Joost in Breda and exposed work throughout the Netherlands, part of various art-initiatives, such as Lokaal 01, De Fabriek, Luxus or Hotel Maria Kapel. From 2005-2010 family life put art on hold, but from 2010 onwards Biop started working again, especially in public spaces. Applied art, but also a... read more

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Smoke signals - A last ephemeral action by Crát...

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