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Miro Toth

Composer, saxophonist, vocalist and lector Miroslav Toth was born in 1981 under the name Utvil Kling Sang. He studied composition at the Academy for Performing Art – VŠMU, in Bratislava, attended the conservatory there and studied musicology at Comenius University, also in Bratislava.  He specializes in contemporary and... read more

Olga Dospehova

Russian artist Olga Dospehova was born in 1980 in St Petersburg, where she enrolled in the Stieglitz State Academy of Applied Arts and got her diploma in Graphic arts in 2004. After a brief pause she continued her education in Le Mans, France, where she graduated with honors at the School of fine Arts ESBA TALM in 2011. Her... read more

Victor Yuliev

Photographer Victor Yuliev was born in Saint Petersburg (Russia) in 1981. Graduated from the House of Journalism in 2009 and participated in several workshops and masterclasses in the years after.  Yulievs work has been exhibited throughout Europe these past few years, ranging from the United Kingdom to Russia. He won... read more

Matthijs Lieshout

Matthijs Lieshout (1975) graduated from the Utrecht Art Academy (HKU) in 2000 and continued to study philosophy at the University of Amsterdam. His work was shown in numerous expositions throughout Holland and Europe. He did several residencies in the Netherlands, Russia and Slowakia, and he received several stipends among... read more

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Smoke signals - A last ephemeral action by Crát...

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