Ghita Skali and Salim Bayri at Motel Spatie

During their residency with Motel Spatie, Ghita Skali and Salim Bayri collaborated for the first time on work landing around sunflower seeds and footprints on walls. Both themes share an excess of time: either of unemployment and anxiety (footprints on walls) or the one of contemplation and desire (sunflower seeds).

Please note that due to COVID-19, it is not possible to visit Large Quantities of Sunflower Seeds are for Birds … And Sometimes People IRL. But we invite you to visit the show online in other ways:

Check out the blog, with a text by Georgia Lucas-Going, watch one of the videos from the exhibition, download the sunflower seed font ‘Zerri3a’ created by Tayeb Bayri especially for the exhibition, and see some opening event documentation below <3


Online art lessons with KUNSMAKE

Ide André of KUNSMAKE won’t let quarantine or social isolation get in the way of his art lessons. Before coronavirus, Ide hosted a weekly art lesson at Motel Spatie in Arnhem, which was open to everyone. Now that we are mostly indoors, KUNSMAKE is coming to you on your computer. For as long as the KUNSMAKE cannot occur face-to-face, Ide will be sharing with you a weekly art lesson, as well as an art assignment. As usual, KUNSMAKE will focus on particular themes, art forms and artists – and just as you decide when or where to take the lesson, as the artist, you decide on whether your artwork-assignment has succeeded or not!

This week’s Dutch-language KUNSMAKE lesson is available here.

This week’s English-language KUNSMAKE lesson is available here.

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Offline, in the real, you can see the interventions of Phillippe van Wolputte and others within the framework of #beeldenpark_presikhaaf. Mostly hidden for the eye of passer-by.

More about #beeldenpark_presikhaaf

#beeldenpark_presikhaaf: By means of interventions, distortions, additions and removals, the artists investigate and play the controlled outdoor space. With this practice, the artists (not only in theory) make statements about which position art can take in the public space. Actually implemented strategies that respond to the tribulations of the present time : commercialization, privatization, property laws, gentrification and retreating governments.

About Motel Spatie

Motel Spatie was created in 2010 as an art space in the Presikhaaf district of Arnhem, the Netherlands, because we felt an urgency to address various interconnected social, political and cultural issues.

Now in 2020, the polarisation of society is deeper than ever, fueled by a neoliberal agenda that has flung open the door to new nationalist and fascist politics. The rhetoric of the far right has entered state politics, a trend that we are seeing worldwide.

Motel Spatie creates new forms of art practice that push back on the alienating conditions of capitalism. We do this by acting on our politics. Not only do we ask questions and theorise, we put our questions into practice.

The mission of Motel Spatie is to show that contemporary art is at an intersection of culture, economics and politics, and can therefore be a profound player in the discourse about our shared future. Our existence is about manifesting the type of world in which we want to live.

Motel Spatie is an art space where people have the time and space to develop, and power to express their own cultural values. By committing to this ideal, Motel Spatie dissolves prevailing assumptions that there should – or could – be a single, dominant cultural perspective.