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The Dispossessed Monopolist

A boardgame by Janna Uhlrich

A new version of the board game Monopoly: The Dispossessed Monopolist — devoted to the phenomenon of absolute commodification. It aims to raise awareness about the fact that step by step every human resource is being commodified, has to be paid for and therewith turns us into modern slaves. The game starts where Monopoly normally ends: One monopolist owns everything. She has occupied and commodified resources like water, privacy, war, refugees, love, secrets, productivity, survival, justice, etc.

Developed during a Motel Spatie residency of 3 months in 2015 at our partner organisation Pilzen O.P.E.N. a.i.r. Czech Republic.

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By raumlaborberlin

Filmed and edited by Jan Swienink

Cities are a process and so is Presikhaaf. This neighborhood of Arnhem build in the 50’s is a place subject to transition and changes. Today, 50 years later, the redevelopment of Presikhaaf is in a full swing. New buildings are build, some get destroyed and reconstructed, always changing the face of the neighborhood and developing new area.

Inspired by the famous drawing of M.C. Escher “Relativity”, Chuck-a-luck is a mobile and changing structure that comes in public spaces. It is a cubic structure enable to turn, like a dice, offering 6 different faces, 6 different designs and many possibilities. It comes, set up for a while, before moving to a new position, following the development of the city. In interaction with its environment and with the inhabitants, the structure sets up and transform the existing surroundings keeping people in a dynamism favorable for appropriation, interpretation and creation.

M.C. Escher (1898-1972) was a Dutch graphic artist born in Leeuwarden. His family moved to Arnhem in 1903 where he attended primary and secondary school until 1918. in the 50’s he drew his most popular work “Relativity”.

Chuck-a-luck was inaugurated on the 6th june 2014 in a happy atmosphere. The structure became a stage for a concert, an abstarct landscape for a dance performance or even a boat, a shop, a dragon in the imagination of the children.

This also was the start of the Children’s Art Festival that is organised each year by Motel Spatie and Locatie Spatie in Park Presikhaaf where the Chuck-a-Luck is on display.

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Jakub Nepraš

Artist in Residence: Jakub Nepraš

Jakub Nepraš (1981 Praha)

Jakub Nepraš draws upon scientific and philosophical knowledge, as well as personal experience, emotions and intuition. He tries to study the contemporary developmental tendencies and behaviour of our super-organism in relation to the position of the individual within the whole entity, and to monitor those natural principles that control or influence all of this. Jakub is reflecting the fundamental changes of society and technology and also its dangers and estrangement from human beings and nature. He is trying in his work to re-appropriate a more original and purer way of life and to give natural, organic forms to contemporary society and technology.

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Kunsmake 2017 — Children’s Art Festival from Motel Spatie.

In 2017 neemt Motel Spatie voor de vierde keer het initiatief tot een kinderkunstfestival in een publiek park. Doel is kinderen en hun ouders uit Presikhaaf actief in aanraking te laten komen met hedendaagse kunst. Presikhaaf heeft vier basisscholen waar kinderen op zitten die in 112 verschillende landen zijn geboren. De scholen en de kinderen worden in voorbereidende projecten actief betrokken. Evenals kleine zelforganisaties uit Presikhaaf. Dit zijn hele diverse groepen: ouderenorganisaties, die komen voorlezen aan de kleinste kinderen, de plaatselijke fanfare, trompetterkorps, voetbalvereniging etc. Kunstenaars van Locatie Spatie werken mee, lokale kunstenaars, vrijwilligers en buitenlandse kunstenaars die in de Residency verblijven. Een bonte groep mensen op het leukste festival van het jaar!

Children’s Art Festival 2017, photo by Joanna Florek

The Children’s Art Festival 2017 was held on Wednesday September 27th at Motel Spatie. More information and photo’s of the event can be found on the KUNSMAKE facebook page.