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Artist Studio’s

Locatie Spatie manifests itself in between the spaces of politics, social relations, architecture and other fields. It expands to the spaces that are not being used and transforms them into lively spaces. The Artist Studio’s are a good example of how Locatie Spatie manifests itself into an empty space, expands, and transforms it into a place that has an identity, a face.

Artists with very different backgrounds are invited to be part of the collective and transform a space into a place where they work. Very soon the artists meet the neighbours who are walking by with their dog or who are going to the supermarket, and they make contact. From an empty, anonymous space to social engagement between the artists and the people who live in Arnhem Presikhaaf.

Another goal of Locatie Spatie is to make these studios affordable. Because the empty space is annexed – and not bought or rented – it is possible to keep the rent very low, making it attractive for young artists and designers who just graduated.

When an artist is invited by Motel Spatie in the residency program, a transaction takes place. International artists from the residency are being connected with some of the artists or designers from the local studio’s and they enrich each other by sharing knowledge, friendships, networks, recipes and information. Therefore Motel Spatie states that the real capital of Locatie Spatie and Motel Spatie is not stored in money or real estate, but in our Network of Friends.