Motel Spatie invites artists, linking these to a particular physical and /or social context and supporting them there in the development of new work. Motel Spatie uses a curatorial practice that doesn’t only pose questions or theorises, but acts. By acting, it encounters the boundaries of political and social issues and through that, these are made visible and can be stretched.

Recent Productions by Motel Spatie:


Interventions in the outdoor area of Presikhaaf. Curator and realisation #beeldenpark_presikhaaf by Jeroen Jongeleen in co-production with Claudia Schouten for Motel Spatie.  With contributions from: Adam Kraft (SE),Influenza (B), Jeroen Erosie, Phillipe van Wolputte (B), Marc van Elburg, Cäcilia Brown (Au), Urban Experiment (Fr) Joe Made This (D) La Mexicaine DePerforation (Fr), Stevphen Shukaitis, Biop, Kees […]

#Beeldenpark_Presikhaaf / ADAMS

Parasite Project

Mondriaan has a parasite glued to its face. This is a reminder that the modernist quest for a pure abstraction will always be corrupted by parasites and noise.  Just like the rigid functionalist ideals underlying the architecture of the post-war city district Presikhaaf (homeground of Spatie) will inevitably be corrupted by its users. Zinedepo and […]

The following is a selection of projects from 2013 — 2017

The Dispossessed Monopolist

A boardgame by Janna Uhlrich A new version of the board game Monopoly: The Dispossessed Monopolist — devoted to the phenomenon of absolute commodification. It aims to raise awareness about the fact that step by step every human resource is being commodified, has to be paid for and therewith turns us into modern slaves. The […]


By raumlaborberlin Filmed and edited by Jan Swienink Cities are a process and so is Presikhaaf. This neighborhood of Arnhem build in the 50’s is a place subject to transition and changes. Today, 50 years later, the redevelopment of Presikhaaf is in a full swing. New buildings are build, some get destroyed and reconstructed, always […]

Jakub Nepraš

Artist in Residence: Jakub Nepraš Jakub Nepraš (1981 Praha) Jakub Nepraš draws upon scientific and philosophical knowledge, as well as personal experience, emotions and intuition. He tries to study the contemporary developmental tendencies and behaviour of our super-organism in relation to the position of the individual within the whole entity, and to monitor those natural […]

Smoke Signals

Artist in Residence: Crater Invertido A month-long residency conducted by the Mexican cooperative Crater Invertido at Motel Spatie in Presikhaaf, Arnhem. As an official partner of Sonsbeek ’16: transACTION, Motel Spatie, in cooperation with the Spatie network, hosted and produced three smoke signal gatherings (two of which in Presikhaaf) as well as interventions in the […]

Everything Here Still Seems To Be Under Construction And Is Already A Ruin

Artist in Residence: Erik Tlaseca A two-and-a-half month residency resulting in an installation and a performance, interventions in public spaces and the publication Interzone, published under Motel Spatie. Curator: Claudia Schouten. ‘Everything Here Still Seems to be Under Construction and Is Already a Ruin: a two-and-a-half-month residency at the invitation of Motel Spatie, from mid-May […]


Research trip / Moscow residency / Museum Night Moscow presentation / Dutch Design Week presentation / Publication / Motel Spatie presentation / With Artist: Elejan van der Velde Motel Spatie curated and produced two earlier projects for Dutch artists in Russia between 2014 and 2017. For Motel Spatie this was a continuation of research into […]

Into the Grid

Artwork by Rob Voerman This work came to exist in response to a question that artist Rob Voerman posed during informal conversations with Claudia Schouten regarding their work: ‘How he could let his work be more socially engaged without it becoming pamphlet-like’. Motel Spatie curated, financed and produced an investigation in the form of a […]


Artist in Residence: Mathijs Lieshout Pitwood in construction. ‘Over the course of one month, shopping mall visitors could follow the building process of the artwork. After one month of construction, the installation was broken down within a matter of days. A single sign was posted to offer explanation, it read: ‘A project by Motel Spatie’. […]