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Interventions in the outdoor area of Presikhaaf. 
Curator and realisation #beeldenpark_presikhaaf by Jeroen Jongeleen in co-production with Claudia Schouten for Motel Spatie. 

With contributions from: Adam Kraft (SE),Influenza (B), Jeroen Erosie, Phillipe van Wolputte (B), Marc van Elburg, Cäcilia Brown (Au), Urban Experiment (Fr) Joe Made This (D) La Mexicaine DePerforation (Fr), Stevphen Shukaitis, Biop, Kees Westervelt, Florian Cramer, Amy Suo Wu, Wilfried Hou Je Bek, Micha Leinkauf & Matthias Wermke, Libia Castro & Ólafur Ólafsson, Klara Liden, Adams & Itso, base80, Akim, Graphic Surgery, Rapid Publishers, Elejan van der Velde and a handful of anonymous.

By means of interventions, distortions, additions and removals, these artists investigate and play the controlled outdoor space. With this practice, the artists make statements (not only in theory) about which position art can take in the public space. Actually implemented strategies that respond to the tribulations of the present time: commercialization, privatization, property laws, gentrification and retreating governments.

This exhibition shows what has been done and has been and will remain hidden for the eyes of the passer-by.

On the 16th of November 2018:  #beeldenpark_presikhaaf :’Interventions in the outdoor area of ​​Presikhaaf. A retrospective. 1965-2019′, will be shown in the project space of Motel Spatie
Starting with a biggie opening! 

Open from: 17:00
Opening word 18:30
Bites and diner by Spoon
Shiver’s bar open until 22:00.
Welcome to Spatie!

Prolonged by succes till 26th of january: Finissage with talk in the zinedepo by Sema Bekirovic and Marc van Elburg at 16:00. Micro Right to the City Cinema in Omars Garage and much more! Spoon serves at 18:30. 

this page shows a selection of the works produced under #beeldenpark_presikhaaf

Adam Kraft / 

Berlin based Stockholm artist-interventionist not only leaves behind two major works but also started a continuing dialogue about Motel Spatie its place and position regarding art and contemporary necessities of art that is on the edge of activism.

He made barricade-material-based furniture from various riots and revolts from 1968 until 2010, the year squatting in The Netherlands became illegal under a new legislation. This furniture was used for a large closed gathering within the walls of MotelSpatie. In this he brought together a colourful palette of European underground players exchanging their key-knowledge of staying off-grid but effective.

Last but not least he organised a screening of art video’s from the same participants. These were projected on the large flat apartment building opposite of Motel Spatie, on large banners brought from Vienna by Cäcilia Brown (Au), whilst the audio was transmitted using a pirate FM frequency.

The Right To The City Cinema showed a set of the strongest urban interventions of the past years. 

Philippe van Wolputte / End Of the Line

Van Wolputte claimed an unknown corner inPresikhaaf and realised his Concetto Spaziale resembling installation. End of the Line is situated in a green oasis, hidden in a no-mans land right next to the highway. It poses questions, by its’ secret placement, about art in public space. If a public artwork is invisible, does it exist? On the other hand there are many old public art pieces in Presikhaaf that became almost invisible to the public eye.

Influenza / Quattro Stagioni, 1967 – 2018


Four kids stuck on the side of a flat in bronze, for almost 50 years. Three falling, one up. Various attempts in the past to steal the anonymous untitled work where clearly unsuccessful, so far. A duplication has been made and the resin copy being replaced at the other side of Presikhaaf. Another wall, another context updating the work.

Influenza has put the spotlights on almost forgotten artworks in Public Space in the district of Presikhaaf while adding new (semi-) permanent works and interventions in a contemporary character.

Marc van Elburg / Parasite Project

Marc van Elburg / Zinedepo has been researching the concept of ‘the parasite’ for over a year now and will publish the second edition of the parasite zine coming friday, 16 November.  This research is about parasiting on many different levels including zinedepo’s relation with Motel Spatie, about Motel Spatie’s relation to the city, its’ histories, various strategies and so on.

Marc van Elburg / Zinedepo his contributions for #beeldenpark_presikhaaf reach far beyond what is possible to write here. In may he organised a Parasite Zine weekend, where on May 11th there were presentations by Florian Kramer and Amy Suo Wu about Parasites, Language, Zines and Asemic Writing. The day after there was a whole day zine-event with TheRapid Publishers. “The Rapid Publisher means: a room full of people, drinks all night long, your brain meets the copy machine, create publications with your hands”

Besides this he operates under the name Vector & Golf: A virtual art space that manifests itself in an augmented reality through his stickers in public space. Together with these AR works there was a pirate box installed at the project space where anybody could login to and drop any kind of digital files through his phone or computer. This results in a random image and file archive which is a work in itself but also can lead up to a new work deriving from that.

Influenza / Marble  2017

In December 2017 Influenza saved part of an old public art piece made of marble. During the renovation of the shopping mall, this work was on the list to be removed without anybody’s attention. But it did catch Influenza’s eye and he relocated a part of this sculpture. 

Influenza / Aldo 2018

The last Aldo van Eijck climbing arc in Presikhaaf has been saved from demolition. It has been moved. An act, which is to be seen as an ode to many generations of scrambling fun. Now it stands as a historical sculpture in a new residential area calling to be used again.

Influenza / object 1967-2018

For years already, the work stands waiting, in front of a school, that seems to authorise its’ right of existence, to resembling installation. Bleached out on two steel poles this composition awaits a sad and anonymous end, to disappear completely into oblivion. No stroke of paint can change a thing about that. This work comes from a time which language we no longer understand.

Olivier Scheffer / Guerilla Pruning

Olivier Scheffer is a guerilla pruner. Armed with a hedge trimmer he liberates paths and works that have been overgrown. For #beeldenpark_presikhaaf he let his pruning device loose to free an overgrown concrete bench (1966) at De Wildenborglaan. Some residents were not amused, others were applauding.

EROSIE / Vogelvrij

Linguaggio Universale Erosie has developed an iconic visual language which is on the intersection of graffiti-throwup and recopnstruction ornamenting. This new language of figures has turned the hopefulness of modernism into a hybrid reflection, a one-love baby where vandalism meets concrete. His contribution appeared amidst the green on the border of the district (Doeffstraat). 

Akim / <work under construction>

Berliner Akim modus operandi turns around communities of the underground. Playfully making visible our interconnections.