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Everything Here Still Seems To Be Under Construction And Is Already A Ruin

Artist in Residence: Erik Tlaseca

A two-and-a-half month residency resulting in an installation and a performance, interventions in public spaces and the publication Interzone, published under Motel Spatie. Curator: Claudia Schouten.

‘Everything Here Still Seems to be Under Construction and Is Already a Ruin: a two-and-a-half-month residency at the invitation of Motel Spatie, from mid-May until the end of July, 2016. During this residency I embraced many types of media to communicate with the architecture and the neighborhood of the Presikhaaf city district. From drawings, videos, collage and sound to spoken word, sculptures and installation. This residency had its first outcome in a brief action; a cluster of different collaborations with the network of friends at Locatie Spatie that surrounds Motel Spatie. To alternatively coincide with creating an interzone: an installation built inside a trash container. This was placed in the garage at the rear of the Spatie space, which I consider to be the core of the Winkelcentrum Presikhaaf building. The curtain was raised on the 22nd of July at 7pm, only to let this Interzone disappear the next morning and return to the wastelands of Arnhem, the Netherlands. The process had a final breath in the publication Interzone, published under Motel Spatie.’

— Erik Tlaseca