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Artist in Residence: Mathijs Lieshout

Pitwood in construction.

‘Over the course of one month, shopping mall visitors could follow the building process of the artwork. After one month of construction, the installation was broken down within a matter of days. A single sign was posted to offer explanation, it read: ‘A project by Motel Spatie’. The context of a shopping mall instead of a gallery or museum, together with the very public building process, resulted in a peculiar mix of the everyday and the out of the ordinary’

— Mathijs Lieshout

During informal conversations between Mathijs Lieshout and Claudia Schouten in Košice, eastern Slovakia, Lieshout questioned the relevance of his work. He wanted to take his work beyond ‘the art space’. The audience was often the same audience and a direct connection with society was lacking. Claudia Schouten curated, financed and produced the work Pitwood under Motel Spatie in 2013, in a disused pit situated in the Presikhaaf indoor shopping mall. The work was built over the duration of a month and disappeared again within two days of its so-called ‘completion’. The video of the total work was commissioned by Motel Spatie and recorded on the last day by Maxim Tymenko.