This is a list of artists who took part in one or more artist in residency programs initiated, supported and produced by Motel Spatie between 2013-2018.

Adams (SE)
Adelita Husni-Bey (US)
Ajeng Nurul Aini (ID)
Akim (VN/DE)
Alex Godwin (UK)
Alice Peragine (DE)
ALT. Alternative Learning Tank
Andre Alves (PT)
Bas Bron (Jeugd van Tegenwoordig, NL)
Basak Karabalut (TR)
Balz Isler (CH)
Ba:zel (CZ )
Biop (NL)
Cajo Ludica (GT)
Cardboard Creatures (NL)
Crater Invertido (MX)
     Fernanda Barreto
     Juan Caloca
Cittadellarte Pistoletto Foundation (IT)
     Michele Cerruti But
     Juan Esteban Sandoval
Cut and Rescue (ID)
Daniel Vlcek (CZ)
Danielle Lemaire (NL)
Elejan van der Velde (NL)
Erik Tlaseca (MX)
Erosie (NL)
Evgenia Nikitina (RU)
Ewa Głowacka (PL)
Farid Rakun (ID)
Heimprofi (Krista Burger) (NL)
Helen Zeru (ET)
Hubert Jakub Kostka (PL)
Ida Roscher (DE)
Isaac Howell (US)
Influenza (BE)
Ivo Statinski (PL/NL)
Jakub Nepraš (CZ)
Janna Ullrich (DE)
Jarmilla Mitríková & Dávid Demjanovič (SK)
Jennifer Bennet (CH)
Jeroen Jongeleen (NL)
Joe Made This (DE)
Jonmar van Vlijmen (NL)
Jo Zahn (DE)
Jozef Mrva (CZ)
Katherine Ball (US)
Kees Westervelt (NL)
Kenneth Letsoin aka Naamloozz Eindeloozz (NL)
De Kift (NL)
Lene Benz (DE)
Lifepatch (ID)
Maiko Hino (JP)
Manuel Beltrán (ES)
Marc van Elburg (NL)
Matthijs Lieshout (NL)
Meatgrinders  (AU)
Miroslav Tóth (SK)
Mixedrice (KR)
Moira van Dijk (NL)
Olga Dospekhova (RU)
Omar Salem (SY/NL)
Orhan Delibas (TR/NL)
Phillipe Van Wolputte (BE)
Raumlabor (DE)
Reinaart Vanhoe (BE)
Rob Sweere (NL)
Rob Voerman (NL)
Roos van Dijk (NL)
Ruangrupa (ID)
Sarjon Dali (SY / NL)
Sergei Kulikov-Shuyskiy (RU)
Sido Dekker (NL)
Standuino (CZ)
Kunci Cultural Study center Yogyakarta (ID)
Syaiful Ardianto (ID)
Tammam Aziz (SY /NL)
Therese Schulzeit (DE)
Tilmann Meyer-Faje (DE)
Varvara Degtiarenko (RU/ US)
Victor Yuliev (RU)
W.N. van Ravenhorst (NL)
Yana Klichuk (RU)

Motel Spatie invites artists, linking these to a particular physical and / or social context and then supports them in the development of new work.

Motel Spatie uses a curatorial practice that doesn’t only pose questions or theorises, but acts. By acting, it encounters the boundaries of political and social issues and through that, these are made visible or can be stretched.

Motel Spatie never shows works of art that existed already. Nor in public space, nor in the Project Space. All works are site-specific and are produced and developed during the residency.

The residency is located next to the studio complex of Locatie Spatie, which contains 7 studio’s. Also, at Locatie Spatie there are a lot of public activities being organised. For instance the people’s kitchen SPOON, the Zinedepo (a library of zines collected over a period of 25 years) and the Project Space. All open every Friday from 13:00. There is a big active community of users from outside and from within the community.

The Project Space is 11,8 × 10,3 M (see floorplan below).

The residency has a separate entry that contains three bedrooms, a small kitchen and a shower. It also provides bicycles.

Floorplan of the Project Space (11,8 × 10,3 M)