Every Friday afternoon up to 75 people gather in Locatie Spatie to have dinner. A friendly and open event is being organised where everybody is welcome to enjoy dinner with a group of people. SPOON is the place where most people, with very different backgrounds, enter Locatie Spatie for the first time. Some start helping out as a volunteer and are being triggered to set up their own programme or initiative. They eventually get a key of the building and become co-owner of Locatie Spatie.

The head-chef of SPOON, Farahnaz Malek Zadeh, born in Iran, brought not only the Iranian cuisine to the Netherlands but she is also specialized in various cuisines from around the globe. Foreign artists that stay in the residency often cooperate with Farah and by that bring their foodculture to Spatie. Dinner can be joined every friday without reservation for € 5,–.

Part of SPOON is Bar ‘De Herde Kern’, run by Sarjon & Tammam with help of volunteers and friends. The SPOON team makes Spatie a place that feels like home. The space being used for the dinners is during weektime a screenprint studio, a communal place, an informal school, a zinelibrary and so on, used by many keyholders of Spatie.

SPOON also takes care of dinner when there is an opening, an exhibition or an event. This is a place where a lot of people share experiences, knowledge and friendships with the other users of the space i.e. volunteers, Locatie Spatie members, international artists from the Motel Spatie artist in residency program, neighbours, local artists and others.

SPOON’s food helps bringing people together. There is conversation, there is interaction and everybody can join in and participate in a way that is valuable for themselves and others.

Left to right: Antonius, Farah & Elssie (Photo by Joanna Florek).