The radical zine format is basic; several pages, black & white, folded and stapled together. Zines = zineculture Zineculture = proto social network. The radical zine format is not about printing and printing techniques (but its content can be). The radical zine format is not about bookmaking (but its content can be). Zines are about social networking (global and local). Most zines have an ‘open structure’, (this way they are also a network of meaning). The radical zine is primarily about personal interest (from the individual to the general). Radical zine ideology is ‘do it yourself’ ideology. Radical zine culture is not technophobic; a robot may produce and promote a zine completely automatically as long as it is a product of its personal expression.

As long as the definition of the radical zine format is (more or less) maintained, there is no limit to subject matter (sex/death) or to discipline (drawn, written, collaged, cut & paste, scratched, photographed, coded, etc.)

The radical zine format is not a mass product (but many people may copy a zine) The radical zine is not Art (but its content can be) Radical zineculture = Canadian culture

(some of the elements of the manifest have no function but to separate zine-culture from any other culture. A tongue-in-cheeck reference to South Park ‘the royal canadian wedding episode’.

The manifest is not so much a set of rigid rules but a coordinate. It more or less gives our definition of zines as opposed to art books or magazines).

Zinedepo is a library with more than 1200 international zines collected over a period of 25 years by Marc van Elburg.

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